5 Ways You Can Creatively Use Dried Flowers – Find How?

5 Ways You Can Creatively Use Dried Flowers – Find How?

Well, if you ask any florist, they will tell you that nothing can beat the vibrancy of fresh flowers. However, dried flowers are not less than anything extraordinary. They also have subtle charm, drama, flavour, tone, and textures. If you are a fan of preserved flowers or dried flowers, know that they are great accents and can be creatively used for a wide range of things. From a gorgeous hair accessory to the stand-alone showpiece in a glass vase, decorative scented candles, and much more, dried flowers can be a lot more than you can imagine. You can get the best range of dried flowers just like how you order flowers online. In today’s blog, let’s explore the different uses of dried flowers.

Home DĂ©cor Accent

Though fresh flowers can bring an elevated appeal to your living room, they have a short shelf life. However, with dried flowers, you have a wide range of subtle colour options. With different hues, you can make gorgeous displays. Start by using the tall stems followed by larger leaves; include rice flowers, lavenders, or large-headed dried blooms for added drama.

Flower Wreaths

If you are a bride-to-be and want a wreath that’s boho and chic, dried flowers can also be used to make hair wreaths for your hair.

Dried Foliage For Gifts

 If you love sending gifts, make dried flowers take a special place in your gift. You can include a dried flower to wrap your gift cover and make it more appealing.

Preserved Flower Jewellery

If you want to keep dried flowers close to you, make adorable dried flower earrings and pendants for your everyday look. All you need are high-quality and pressed dried flowers to craft elegant necklaces and earrings. You can even make phone cases and photo frames, glass frames on walls, desks, or side tables.

Create Scented Bath Salts

Dried flower bath salts are great for a body spa and offer a fresh bathing experience. You can create bath salts using an assortment of dried flowers, Epsom salts, essential oil, and more. It offers a fresh feeling all day long. You can also make aromatic sachets with this mixture and keep it under the pillows, drawers, and in places that require a good smell.

Whether dried or fresh, no one can deny the magic of flowers.  If you are looking for a florist to order preserved flowers online, call Pisces Flower at 0433 622 255 today.

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