Gorgeous Red Roses To Gift Your Valentine This Valentine’s Day – Check Out!

Gorgeous Red Roses To Gift Your Valentine This Valentine’s Day – Check Out!

Chocolates or teddy bears or jewellery! No wonder, your ladylove will be charmed for sure. But nothing can beat the classic bunch of red roses sent to your loved one at their doorstep. Whether you’re in the idea of romanticizing your love date with long-stemmed red roses or dozen rose bouquets & know the different red roses that convey your love to them. So, whether you’re spending with special someone or sending a flower surprise, take a look at this list of red roses that get lovers in the mood for the most romantic holiday of the year.

 Red Naomi

Deep red, dense, large-head, long-stems, few thorns and relatively impressive vase-life & that’s what you can get from this beautiful Red Naomi rose. Whether as a single rose or a dozen bunch’ Red Naomi is a sweet escape with a subtle scent & can pamper your senses magically.

 Rose Ever Red

Bright red, velvety, red hue and the buds have a striking bright red colour. It has good length, good vase life & can be customised into any shape, heart shape or doll shape or their Initials to make it more personalised.

 Rose Con Amore

Con Amore is a rose with a bright colour & broad bud and can stay fresh for long days. If you have a chance to get them fresh with dewdrops, it will be a wonderful gift for your valentine. They won’t discolour and come with no dark spots, making them a favourite among all other varieties.

 Red Rose Eagle

A bright red rose with a round shape & curvy petals are its charming features, which lure with its magnificent appeal. This rose has a beautiful hourglass shape & an intriguing red colour hue. Their soft petals make it a desirable option as a Valentine’s Day gift.

 Red Rose Explorer

This gorgeous crimson red rose is a sophisticated rose variety with velvety petals. It has an intense crimson shade that deepens into a darker hue. A luxurious red rose can be exquisitely hand-arranged by expert florists will make the recipient feel amazed with same-day flower delivery.

 So, what’s not to love? Drench your valentine with this beautiful red rose variety & make your valentine’s day extra special. To get the valentine’s day rose bouquets, call Pisces Flower on 0433 622 255.

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