Spruce Up Your Home DĂ©cor Using Dried Flowers

Spruce Up Your Home DĂ©cor Using Dried Flowers

Just like fresh flowers, dried flowers add depth and charm to your home. Whether you are boho-chic or someone who loves subtle and elegant colours, dried flowers can make your home look expensive and stands out from the rest. So while you shop for flowers online, look for a florist in Prahran for good-quality dried flowers. They just look lovely in every corner and make your home look like a million-dollar villa. Just pair it right with the wall colour and other accents to enhance the overall home décor. From a stand-alone piece to mixed varieties, you have a lot of options

Apothecary Vases

If your glass vases are sleeping inside the cupboard, it’s time to use them. Simply place the dried flower bunch into the vases and watch it turn into an accent piece.  You can even put your apothecary jars to good use. They will look like a vintage pieces. You don’t have to water them or worry they will wither. It will simply accentuate the style of your table or room corner with its appeal.

Gorgeous Wreaths

Flower wreaths are a gorgeous addition to any home. They are not only meant to be worn around the head as a tiara. You can simply hang them on doors or kitchen cabinets or on areas that need filler. If you are not able to make one, get a dried flower arrangement with same-day flower delivery in Prahran and customise them as you wish.

Beautiful Photo Frames

Just give your old vintage mirror or photo frames some drama by sticking some colourful dried flowers on them.  This will not only beautify the photo frame but also gives a floral touch to it. You can use rose flowers or distinctive flowers to create a subtle look. You can also put a hanging wreath on a ceiling and make your home décor aesthetically appealing.

Nowadays, people pick up things that were trends of the past. However, dried flowers continue to be on the trend. So if you are looking for a place to order dried flowers online with a flower delivery in Prahran, call Pisces Flower at 0433 622 255 today.

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