Top 5 Gorgeous Blooms For Your Curious Pets

Top 5 Gorgeous Blooms For Your Curious Pets

Have you ever thought of gifting to your adorable furry friends?  If not so – think about something more touching than your pet love. They don’t talk like us or reply to what we ask them but they feel basic emotions like happiness, sadness, anger, and fear like us. If you hadn’t been paying enough attention to your pets lately, giving them some time with beautiful flowers will make them feel loved and protected. Many varieties of flowers are safe for your dog even if they decide to eat them. 

 However, you must ensure that it is not treated with insecticides or fungicides as it can be harmful to your curious pet. To get good and non-toxic flowers for your furry friends, make sure to order from a florist in Prahran for some good-quality blooms. We will cover the list of flowers that are safe for your pets. Dogs and cats can be curious nod fierce and munch on whether it’s your pet’s birthday or you just feel like gifting a pet lover, check out these.


Not only humans but even your pets also love this universal flower – the Rose. Whether it's pink or red, roses can be a safe option for your pets. Even by mistake, they munch, it is not harmful. So, while shopping for roses, get a thorn-free rose bunch for your fluffy ball.


Snapdragons are bright and cheerful flowers that are safe for dogs. These have thick and add a colourful charm to your space.


These delicate and distinctive flowers are not only beautiful to watch, but they are also safe for your pets. For your dog or cat or bird, orchids are safe. The best part is all types of orchids are harmless and non-toxic for your furry friends.


Sunflowers are safe flowers to gift your pets. They can look great anywhere and your pets would love them too. Even if your pets accidentally chew some flower pets, you should know it is not dangerous.

 Gerbera Daisies

These are yet again colourful and cheerful flowers that are edible. Daisies are a fantastic pick for dog owners. If you are planning to gift a dog owner or your pet, these are safe to gift.


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